Max Lazarenko

About me

Hey. I am Max (Maksim) Lazarenko.

I am a young Russian from Estonia involved in design, art and marketing. I am still in search of both happiness and business model. I believe it is the main thing—to find your purpose and to be able to provide for others while living it.

I love music—so do you?

Music is my passion #1. I am crazy about it. It inspires, helps to go through difficult moments of life and brings joy.

Max Lazarenko DJing
Max Lazarenko Playing Guitar

(Watch this on YouTube)

I have a DJ Certificate from Nottingham Confetti College and went to musical school for about 6 years in Estonia (classic guitar). Do I perform in public? Yes, sometimes. I am open to play DJ sets and collaborate on audio-visual performances.

Mostly I am an active listener. Recently I’ve been into bass, beats and hip-hop music. I think I will always love good electronic music like techno, minimal, drum’n’bass and experimental electronica. As for more ‘live’ music my favourites are Boris Grebenshikov and Bob Marley.

I always share what I discover and like. So if you are looking for something new join me on social: SoundCloud, Mixcloud and Telegram Channel (links & files). If you make music or share a lot please let me know.

Listen to the evergrowing BEATS playlist for example