This post is about Yeay, the platform for selling products online to Z-kids using vertical videos.

Note: I am not affiliated with Yeay. I just think it is awesome yet underrated platform.

Everybody Is On Mobile Now

Post-millenials, or Z-kids are pretty much always on their phones. Actually many adults are shifting towards heavy mobile gadget use. We communicate, learn, work and entertain ourselves holding mobile devices in hand or nearby all the time. Devices as in more than one. What kind of information do we consume?

Video is a trend. Audio too btw.

Beautiful, interactive interfaces with great usability give such opportunities for brands and independent makers to grab people’s attention and help them make a decision to buy their stuff. Well, why not use them if you already know this?

Marketplace with Everything You Need to Shop & Sell

Meet Yeay.


The app (currently both Android & iOS) with ‘Discover’, collections, search filters including location, hashtags, messaging and PayPal payments. You can comment products and follow sellers.

You can open the app on your phone, shoot video, fill in the product info and start selling.

What else do you need? If you sell to young people and early adopters online then why not try Yeay.

Who It Is For

I think first of all Yeay gives a big advantage to clothing stores and makers. Imagine you’re shopping online and visit a shop’s website. There you have some studio photos on white or subtle background made with professional lighting and retouch. Shots are high quality but agree with me, they are not real. In the worst case these are shots of clothes without a model. Just objects without the context.

Video of the product being worn or experienced provides the feel. The product in its habitat. You see how it fits. You learn about the product experience. And you don’t have a gap between real you and static professional studio shots. Real simple smartphone videos just like the ones you send to friends. Do you get the point?

Great Way to Showcase and Sell Your Physical Products Using Vertical Videos

Video with the guy cycling and showing how his product cancels the wind noise

OK I lost the train of thought.

Product categories to use video marketing for: clothes, eyewear, sneakers, hand-made items, works of art. Are you already thinking of custom-made fidget spinners? 🙂 Use your imagination but make sure you check the list of prohibited items in the app.

Why I Like Yeay

Nice typography, UI, fast video buffering.

Check them out and let me know how it went. (@maxdesigner)

Yeay website.
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