Things I do. Work and fun projects that I can publicly show.

web design, webmastering, social

I plan, create and optimize websites and social media channels.

Mobile Website by Max Lazarenko

I make WordPress and Tilda websites, creating whole ecosystems within and around them.

You will get a mobile-friendly, media rich website with analytics, social media integrations: share buttons, comments and remarketing (Facebook Pixel). I will create and set up social media profiles for you if needed.

It is optional to order a logo and identity through me and I will hire the designer and direct the process on your behalf. Same goes with copy if you don’t provide your own or I cannot write in your topic. I do write but not about anything in the world. I write in English and Russian.

Art direction, content production and curation are possible. Please write to discuss our potential endeavours. I will do the job myself or connect you with someone I know.

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